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Spark AR Workshop Resources


To fully participate in this workshop, here are the tools you'll need besides a Facebook account. Your FB account is used to sign in to Spark AR Studio, and to publish your effects.

Spark AR Studio by Facebookthis is the software used to create effects for Facebook and Instagram

Spark AR Hubthis is where you will upload your effect, view insights and track activity

Spark AR Player for Android and iOS - used to preview your effects in real-time through your phone


Taco Time Textures - Asset pack - this includes all of the textures you'll need to re-create the Taco Time effect!

Spark AR Project File - This is the complete file that you can use and edit as you wish!


Spark AR Learning Resources - Excellent repository of learning guides to help as you navigate the software

Spark AR Curriculum - A new online course to help new creators learn about Augmented Reality Effect Inspiration - best of the week published every Friday!

Spark AR Community on Facebook - A strong community of Creators who regularly exchange knowledge and tips on building effects in Spark AR